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It was thought that the bowl of heaven the visible half circle contained the whole of the heavens. The day sky was dominated by the Sun and was too bright to allow many observations with the exception of the Moon, or at sunrise and sunset perhaps Mercury and Venus were briefly visible. Over the centuries, observations of the influence of the heavens on human behavior and experience developed into astrological patterns and meanings handed down from generation to generation. Astronomy and astrology were united as those early stargazers developed an Earth centered body of information.

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There are ancient maps that clearly reveal that the circular nature of the bodies and their travel was known. There are even ancient maps that show the Sun in the center of our local solar system with the other bodies circling the Sun. Despite that knowing, the body of information that developed was Earth centered and night sky based and it slanted the history of astronomy and astrology for many centuries.

Since most of us have been to school thank a teacher that you can read and have studied the normal science curriculum, we are aware that we live in a heliocentric system. But our observations are that of an Earth centered system. How do we resolve science with common practice? Astronomers have been doing this for years. Our navigation maps are all geocentric. Reality is heliocentric, but apparent reality is geocentric.

We are dealing with perspective, both galactic and personal. The best way to illustrate this is by explaining parallax. Find a small stationary object in your location, such as a door handle. Train your eyes on the object chosen and close one of your eyes. Hold one thumb up in front of your open eye and move your thumb until it covers the object chosen. Without moving your head, hand or thumb, close the open eye and open the previously closed eye.

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Did you notice that your vision somewhat jumped and that your thumb is no longer covering the object? In order for the object to be covered you must move your thumb. Try this a couple of times to make the illustration clear.

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There are just a few inches between your eyes but there is a definite shift in perspective between what your left and your right eye see. Now think cosmically. There is a demonstrable difference in perspective over such a tiny distance eyes. There can be a tremendous shift of perspective cosmically. The planets and their satellites, asteroids, comets, and other space debris do orbit our Sun which happens to be approximately 93,, miles away from us.

This is a 93,,mile shift in perspective, not the tiny shift between our two eyes. Our personal perspective is that all these bodies listed including our Sun orbit the Earth. The energy can be studied and applied as it is in reality heliocentric or as it is in our apparent and very personal reality geocentric.

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This explanation will help you understand why our astronomers and map makers must use the Earth perspective to take their measurements, create tools and equipment, and apply those findings in an Earth-centered fashion. Astrologers use the astronomical tables developed by our scientists to create a personal perspective sky map. Most astrologers don't have a use for what is going on 93,, miles away as they attempt to read a chart, they are looking for the personal perspective of an individual so that mapping must be geocentric.

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Does that make the heliocentric reality less real? Absolutely not, real is real. Heliocentric astrology does exist, but it is less popular than geocentric astrology.

Are there Types of Astrology Not Based on Our Solar System? FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah

There are real applications for heliocentric astrology particularly in mundane charts such as weather, politics, the stock market, or natural geological experiences such as volcanoes or earthquakes. One of the best readings I ever experienced used a combination of available charts. My ego can connect to this, I can find who I am in the world here for sure.

However, the Heliocentric chart showed me the deeper layer of need for received self-expression, sweetness, sensitivity and nurturing urges that I have always known to be me but have not known how to really own in the face of how I identified myself in the world. As with any new awareness, I am still exploring the integration.

One thing that looking at the Heliocentric chart has brought me is a sense of inner peace and a way to own something about myself I have considered to be a sign of weakness. In the more mental grounded way I have embodied, I did not see how to make space for an emotional and fiery need to be seen and loved. And yet, in the YinYang created by these two senses within myself, lies something more real than the either or polarity. In essence it really is a shift in perspective and holding the tension of the two, the Geocentric and the Heliocentric has become my daily practice.

In embodied practices the tension between the two feels a bit like focusing on my body in space and focusing on the space inside of my body.


I like to sometimes isolate and sometimes integrate the focused awareness. The overall gift of having access to my Heliocentric chart has been a feeling of wholeness.

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Seeing my Heliocentric chart brought into the light something I had been experiencing as my shadow, with all its judgmental projection and ego fortifying separation. I cannot promise you will have the same visceral experience that I had with your Heliocentric chart, but so far, in working with clients, I have found both the resistance and the relief one would expect from having something that felt so familiar yet somewhat limiting debunked as the only reality and having something that has always been a deep knowing brought closer to the surface.

It is this grappling with the polarity and the urge to integrate it that encompasses so much of the human struggle and in exploring the relationship between the Geocentric and Heliocentric chart, I have the map to take this journey in a very personal way. Knowing Yourself Is the Ultimate Power:. What was revelatory to me about her book was not only how true it all rang but also that I already KNEW it. The symbolic journey of as above so below was already in my cells and in my DNA. In the years that followed, I read new and old astrological writing voraciously and read the chart of everybody, and I mean everybody — even those reluctant ones — that I came in contact with.

This apprenticeship of sorts brought me to a very clear idea of how I wanted to share this system with people. Although the esoteric thing is interesting and it is fun to speculate about past lives, I want to give you something grounded, beautiful and REAL that you can apply to yourself and your life this very moment. I bring my Nia training to bear here as well, offering body centered practices to help you embody and embrace all of who you are. In your reading with me, you will get information and initiation that you can run with and immediately incorporate.

To make an appointment contact me at mariaskinnerdreams gmail. Maria Skinner has been practicing astrology since She has been incorporating and cultivating body-oriented practices into her astrological reading and teaching since then and feels that learning astrology in this way is the best way to truly align with the cosmos both above and below. We all must learn to listen to ourselves, deep deep down, and realize what is already there.

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