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Semen Ivanovich Churyumov , Ukrainian doctor of philosophy and socionics, senior lecturer in the mathematics department at the Kiev National Aviation University. Ogata Koan — , a medical doctor with knowledge of European medicine in the late Edo period.

Pier Giorgio Perotto , Italian electronics engineer. Michael A. Hoskin born founded the Journal for the History of Astronomy in and has since served as its editor. He established the archives at Churchill College, Cambridge, is a leading expert on William Herschel and has done pioneering archeoastronomical work around the western Mediterranean basin. Carey M. Big John Penney is representative of the team of workers who find a deep and abiding love for the challenges and rigors of wintering at South Pole Station.

Rolf Paulsson born , a lecturer at Uppsala University, has been an outstanding teacher of theoretical physics for generations of students. Yurij G. He is a well known expert in the theory of light scattering and in optical measurements of laboratory analogues of asteroid regolith and cometary particles.

The citation was written by D. Akperov Imran Guru Ogly born , professor of economics and president of the inter-regional association of non-state education institutes in southern Russia, is also founder and rector of an institute in Rostov-on-Don. The name was suggested by S. Svetashev and R. Thomas B. Actor , the alleged father of Cteatos and Eurytos , two Greek warriors who beat Nestor in the chariot race. The latter works on galactic lenses at the Royal Observatory at Uccle.

Gertrud Freiin von le Fort — , German poet. Koon , a notable fighter, the eldest son of Antenor. Pliska was the first capital of the Bulgarian state, founded in There he welcomed the disciples of the brothers Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, creators of the Slavic alphabet. It is also the birthplace of the discoverer. Gwangju, Korea, became the seventh friendship city of Sendai, Japan on 20 April Gwangju and Sendai are famous for their cultural, artistic and academic facilities, and each will host World Cup soccer games this year.

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Oscar Wilde , Irish playwright, poet, and writer. Albert Szukalski — , Polish-born Belgian sculptor who worked in Antwerp and sometimes used very eccentric means for establishing his work. One of his foremost pieces of art concerns "La Cena", a monument of 13 statues that has been erected in the Nevada desert. Tomoaki Nishio born , an editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide, the Japanese monthly astronomical magazine.

IJzer , a river in Flanders. Tajimasatonokai is an astronomy group which has long been engaged in popularizing astronomy by holding public viewing events and lectures around Toyooka city, Hyogo prefecture. Japanese cypresses hinoki , especially the Kiso cypresses Kiso hinoki , in Japanese , were used as building materials for castles during the Edo era. They were protected like human beings. The Kiso cypresses form a natural forest years old. Laon , the capital of the Aisne department in northern France. Reims , a city in the French department of Marne , the old capital Durocortorum, later Remi of the Roman province Belgica.

Chaumont, Haute-Marne , France. Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille — was a French physicist and physiologist who, through his work on the pressure of blood, became interested in the resistance of the flow of viscous fluids in small tubes. This led to the formulation of the Hagen-Poiseuille Law. The unit of viscosity is named the poise. Verdun , France.

Gottfried O.

Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List

He is considered one of the foremost ophthalmologists in the world and has received many honors. Torquato Tasso , an Italian writer and poet. Bertolt Brecht , German dramatist, stage director, and poet. Tommy Grav , Norwegian astronomer. Mikael Ingemyr born , a student at the high school for space studies in Kiruna, was one of the winners of "The Universe—yours to discover with the Nordic Optical Telescope". Here can also be found an old farm, Norrbys, reflecting agricultural life 70 years ago. Margaret Diane Campbell born , a Ph. Josef Loschmidt — , Czech physicist. Paul R.

Zurakowski born , volunteer director of the Chabot Observatory Telescope Makers' Workshop for more than 30 years. Ernst Haeckel — , German naturalist. Pierre Van Rompaey born is a Belgian architect and an artist of surreal figurative paintings. His popular work is displayed in private collections at Antwerp. Shuichi Shirasaki born , an anesthesiologist in Sapporo city, was the finalist in the selection of a Japanese astronaut candidate by the National Space Development Agency of Japan in Max Liebermann — , a German painter.

Tatsukushi is a beach on the western side of Ashizuri peninsular in Kochi prefecture known for the unusual sight of rock pillars of various sizes sculpted by waves. An undersea viewing tower is built there to see many kinds of rare fishes. Calevoet is a hamlet in the southwestern part of the municipality of Uccle. The name means "grassless ford". However, the name also means "bare foot", which gave birth to the legend that Charlemagne crossed the small river at Calevoet barefooted.

She reaches out to other astronomers through her web site. Martin Beech born is an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. He does research on meteor light curves, the dynamics of meteoroid streams, cometary aging and meteoroid-stream formation.

Lion Feuchtwanger , a German author. Jens Peter Jacobsen , a Danish writer and poet. Carl Wilhelm Scheele , a Swedish apothecary. Azzurra born Jan. Her name is a hope for clearer skies. With his founding in of the Military Academy of Mathematics, Juan Manuel Cajigal y Odoardo — initiated the study of mathematics and engineering in Venezuela.

His installation of the first astronomical telescopes in Caracas was recognized with the establishment of El Observatorio Cajigal there in Mumuryk Keiko Yuharo born is a painter and illustrator. Having started painting as a 4-year-old, she works in oil, water, engraving and relief. Marin Marais — , the central figure in the French school of bass-viol composers and performers that flourished during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Asada Gouryu — , an astronomer in the Japanese Edo period, studied positional astronomy.

He also founded "Senjikan", a private school in astronomy, in Osaka, and educated many outstanding astronomers, including Takashi Yoshitoki and Hazama Shigetomi. He mainly studied positional astronomy, devising a new calendar computation method, "Kansei reki", with Hazama Shigetomi. Luigi Pirandello — , a Sicilian writer.

Takahashi Kageyasu — was the chief astronomer of the shogunal government of Japan. He was among the first to compile and publish maps of the world and East Asia based on the latest knowledge then available in scientific geography. He also established the book office of Western culture in Lance Armstrong born , an American cyclist and cancer survivor. Rakhat, a planet with the first known extraterrestrial life in the novel The Sparrow , by Mary Doria Russell.

First contact is established when a group of specialists organized by Jesuits is sent to the planet. Ingrid Thulin — , a Swedish screen actor. Eboshi-iwa also known as Uba Shima , a large hat-shaped rock visible from the coast, symbol of Southern Beach of Chigasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. Tomoko Fujiwara born is an assistant professor at the Kyushu University. Her main interest consists of the long-term variability of stars and historical records of astronomy. She has been a member of IAU Commission 27 since Hirai and K.

The Kikunokai has created numerous dance numbers that are based on classical Japanese dance and have been performed in many countries. Richard Nelson born is well known for his work in developing computer simulations for n -body systems and applying these to planet formation, both in our solar system and in other systems. She has studied issues in remote sensing and properties of optical materials in harsh environments. She has also worked in the field of intellectual property, and is active in rural and suburban land-use issues. Peter Gordon Brown born studied at the University of Alberta and the University of Western Ontario and was appointed to the faculty of the latter.

His specialties are meteoroid streams, meteor analysis and meteorite recovery. Corrado Bartolini born , professor at the University of Bologna since , has focused his interests on contact spectrophotometric binaries, RR Lyrae and magnetic stars and x-ray binaries. Kurt Tucholsky — , a German author who was a masterly critic of philistinism, nationalism, militarism and corruptibility. He wrote poems, chansons and stories. In , he was expatriated from his homeland and later committed suicide.

The historian of mathematics Pietro Riccardi — wrote the monumental work Biblioteca Matematica italiana dall'origine della stampa ai primi anni del XIX secolo, an annotated bibliography of all the books published by Italian scientists during the nineteenth century. Hiroshi Fujioka born , born in Kuma Town, is an actor, martial artist, and a dedicated volunteer in Iraq, Ethiopia and Cambodia.

Since his debut in , he has starred in more than 20 movies and a number of TV dramas, including the most popular Japanese television program in the s, Kamen Rider. Name suggested by M. Donald Duck , the famous character of Walt Disney's cartoons, has amused generations of children and adults alike. Kayo Tanno, Japanese elementary school teacher and science educator, who worked on the staff of the Saga prefecture Space and Science Museum during — Johnny Weir born July 2, , American athlete, figure-skating champion and Olympian, talented in many spheres of artistic endeavor.

Takayo Wakata, mother of the Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata. Tongling , Anhui. Eugenia Krysina born , a chemist who lives in Moscow, is a friend of the discoverer and displays a keen interest in astronomy, especially in minor planets. Zhenya is the diminutive form of Eugenia. Today the sport is played on a four-wall court by two to four players with a short racquet and a small rubber ball.

Alan Reginald Webster born , a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Western Ontario, has research interests that include meteor astronomy. The Usuda Deep Space Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, located in Saku city, Nagano prefecture, conducts command operations and receives telemetry and data from deep-space explorers such as Hayabusa and Kaguya.

The site features a parabolic antenna of diameter 64 meters and weight tons. Citrus sudachi , a small, round, green citrus fruit that is a specialty of Tokushima prefecture, Japan. During the past three decades amateur astronomer Kiyomi Okasaki born has discovered two comets and three supernovae at his observatory in Kahoku, Yamagata prefecture. Koshigayaboshi, "the star of Koshigaya ", southeast Saitama prefecture, Japan, in honour of the city's fiftieth anniversary in Massimiliano Beltrame — taught topography and the science of construction at a high school in Terni.

He was also an amateur astronomer specializing in photography. An astronomy club in Terni has been named in his memory. With the gracious support of his family, Paul Sydney, a physicist on the AMOS team, has dedicated many long hours to demonstrating that U. Air Force assets could be applied successfully to following up minor planets. In return, the Air Force has benefited significantly from collaboration with the astronomical community. Prothoon was a Trojan warrior who was killed by Teucer in the Trojan War.

The town of Sirataka, where the discoverer was born, is located in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture. The town is famous for its textile industry and weir-fishing. Australian astrophysicist Julia Bryant born is recognized for her past, present and future contributions to science, family and friendship. Genichi Araki born is an amateur astronomer and a science teacher in Junior High School. Mando, the largest annual festival in Iruma, Saitama prefecture, involves thousands of lantern lights. Since the Mando Festival has been conducted with the coordinated efforts of the citizenry and administration under a theme of cooperation and communication.

Manhattan , is the original island borough of New York City, which was obtained from the Indians by the Dutch in It became New York under the English in , and is the commercial and cultural heart of the city. The U. It is an important industrial city and port of entry with a fine harbor near New York City. Katsuura is a city in Chiba prefecture, where one can enjoy the wide ocean and forested hills. The Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is located on a hill to conduct command operations and receive telemetry from satellites that observe the earth or the moon.

Roberto Pinotti born , after getting his degree in political science in , became a writer and amateur astronomer of the Montelupo Group. He has designed, built, tested or analyzed stray light for prototype medical instruments, intraocular lenses, scaterometers, large surveillance telescopes, automated optical test systems and Mars camera lenses. Tullio Levi-Civita — , an Italian mathematician who developed and extended the tensor calculus, originally formulated by Ricci, which plays a central role in the theory of general relativity and in differential geometry.

In Levi-Civita was removed from his professorship at the University of Rome because of his being Jewish. Osamu Ohshima born is a high school teacher and one of Japan's leading observers of variable stars. He was a staff member at Bisei Astronomical Observatory and played an important role in the founding of the observatory, using his talent in mechanical and computer technology. She inherited many of her father's interests playing musical instruments, cycling, swimming, diving, singing, joking and that is why she was very popular when visiting Modra Observatory.

Pajka is her familiar name. Tanais, ancient Greek name of the Don river. Hermann Minkowski — was awarded a prestigious prize from the Paris Academy of Sciences while still a student. He was Einstein's teacher at Zurich and later developed the concept of four-dimensional space-time—the mathematical foundation of the special theory of relativity. Douglas P. His major contributions involve motions and resonances when several different forces are involved, work for which he received the American Astronomical Society's Urey prize in Andreas G.

Ekholm — was a planetary scientist who contributed to the fields of impact cratering processes, geophysics of icy satellites, and photometry of KBOs and Centaurs. He was also active in humanitarian causes before his premature death in an automobile accident in his native Sweden. Jean Dragesco born is an accomplished biologist and amateur astronomer. For many years, using various telescopes, he worked in Africa, where he made exquisite high-resolution photographs of the solar system that have inspired many amateur astronomers around the world.

Split is the largest Dalmatian city and the second-largest urban center in Croatia. Located on the shores of the eastern Adriatic Sea, it is a vital link to the numerous surrounding islands. The historic city of Split is built around the "Palace of Diocletian", the world's best preserved Roman palace.

Ivan M. Prem Vilas Fortran M. Hendrik Conscience — , a founder of Flemish literature. Herman de Coninck — , a Flemish poet and critic. Anne C. Edmond, a city in central Oklahoma, was founded on Apr. Jan Hoet — , a Belgian art curator, has studied art history and archeology. In he was appointed director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent. Andrew L. Chaikin born , a renowned author and space historian whose interests include the Apollo program. Picander, pseudonym of Christian Friedrich Henrici — , was one of Bach's most important librettists. Makarska is a town located on a horseshoe-shaped bay between the Biokovo mountains and the Adriatic Sea in the Croatian region of Dalmatia.

It is the center of the Makarska riviera and noted for its palm-fringed promenade. Its Franciscan monastery houses a renowned seashell collection. Rodney Laver born , a tennis player from the discoverer's home state of Queensland and widely regarded as one of the greats of the game. Aaron M. Ritter born , an ISEF awardee in Ron Howard American Actor, director, producer.

Keith Hege born , of Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, is an expert in high angular resolution astronomy and instrumentation. Derek C. Richardson born , an expert on computational techniques of the University of Maryland, has made major contributions to the study of rubble piles, particularly their tidal distortion and their collisions.

He is also applying his codes to the formation of planets. A'Hearn and P. Philippe Herreweghe , Belgian conductor. Palmaria is the most important island in the gulf of La Spezia, famous for its old quarry of a rare golden marble nicknamed "Portoro". Nicole Oresme c. The brothers Giovanni — and Tommaso — Ceva were Italian mathematicians interested in geometry and physics. Pierre Antonini a French amateur astronomer, discoverer of minor planets and supernovae at his private Bedoin observatory. Rovinj is a city on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.

It was initially built on an island but connected to the mainland in the eighteenth century. Saint Euphemia's basilica overlooks the medieval city and its 22 offshore islands. Kavita M. Shukla born , an ISEF awardee in Lucius Apuleius , 2nd-century Roman writer and orator. Alcaeus , 7th—6th-century B. Greek poet. Aesop Herodotus Aisopos of Sardes , 6th-century B. Greek slave who won his freedom with his fine fables. Apollodoros of Athens , 2nd-century B. Greek scholar and stoic, author of a much used Chronika.

He wrote in Persian and Arabic. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres , 18th—19th-century French painter. William Hogarth , 18th-century English painter and copper-plate engraver. Katsushika Hokusai , 18th—19th-century Japanese wood-carver and painter. Pablo Mendes de Leon born has directed the International Institute of Air and Space Law since its creation in and is a recognized expert in the field.

He was recently appointed professor of Air and Space Law at the University of Leiden and delivered his inaugural lecture on Apr. Stephan Lochner , 15th-century German painter of the Cologne school. Angelus Silesius Johannes Scheffler , 17th-century German baroque poet. Andreas Cellarius c. His Harmonia Macrocosmica, published in Amsterdam, ranks amongst the most spectacular celestial atlases of the seventeenth century.

Anu Belshunu B. A collection of astrological cuneiform tablets from his library contains some of the earliest realistic depictions of the Babylonian constellations. Sima Qian c. He wrote a treatise on the Chinese calendar. His Shiji "Records of the Grand Historian" contains the earliest systematical description of the Chinese constellations.

His influential star atlas, completed around and based on both Ptolemy's Almagest and pre-Islamic star lore, contains the earliest description of the Andromeda Galaxy, M His Atlas Coelestis, published in , was one of the major celestial atlases of the eighteenth century. A fictional character from the Arabian or Nights, Tawaddud was a talented slave-girl from Baghdad whose knowledge of astronomy, medicine and theology was superior to that of the best scholars in the court of Caliph Harun al-Rashid who ruled from to Maria Cunitia c.

In she published the Urania Propitia, a collection of astronomical tables based on Kepler's Rudolphine Tables. Elizabetha Koopman — , daughter of a Dutch merchant, was the second wife of Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius. She assisted her husband with his astronomical observations, and after his death in she prepared his star atlas and catalogue for publication. Petronella Johanna de Timmerman — , a Dutch poetess who was educated in astronomy and mathematics at the observatory of Jan de Munck in Middelburg.

In she married the Utrecht astronomer Jan Frederik Hennert and assisted him in his work. Mary Edwards c. From until her death she performed most of the astronomical computations necessary for the preparation of the Nautical Almanac. Mary Ackworth Orr — , wife of the solar physicist and Kodaikanal Observatory director John Evershed, in published a detailed study of the numerous astronomical allusions in the works of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. He has done much to initiate contact between amateurs and professionals.

Name suggested by A. Brugge and H. He has done much for Dutch amateur astronomers. Marieke Baan born , a Dutch public information officer. In she became press officer of the Dutch Research School for Astronomy. As such, she promotes astronomy through press releases, media events, educational activities and other forms of public outreach. In her professional life she put emphasis on neuro-psychology.

She retired from the chair of the Psychology department at the University of Chile, Santiago in Adrie Warmenhoven born , Dutch astronomy popularizer and educator. Henny Lamers born , a Dutch astrophysicist, studied the evolution and mass loss of the most massive stars. He also gave many dozens of popular astronomy lectures for a wide variety of audiences, including children.

Lucia Padrielli — , an Italian radio-astronomer who was closely involved in the "northern cross" radio telescope and in VLBI observations. Gustav Leonhardt — , Dutch harpsichord player and conductor. He was the founder of the Leonhardt Consort, dedicated to performing baroque music on period instruments.

In , together with N. Harnoncourt and his Concentus Musicus, Leonhardt initiated the first complete recording of Bach's Cantatas. He was the founder of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, which is dedicated to performing classical music as authentically as possible. In he was awarded the Edison Classical Music Award. Ton Koopman born is a Dutch harpsichord player and conductor, specializing in Baroque music. With these ensembles, he has given renowned performances of Bach's St.

Matthew's Passion. Reinbert de Leeuw born , a Dutch conductor, pianist and composer, is devoted to performing and recording classical music composed after , preferably in the presence of the composer. In he founded the Schoenberg Ensemble. Robert Wielinga born is a Dutch physics teacher, active amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy. Green, a close family friend. Jacob senior is an expert musician and teacher, specializing in violin and other stringed instruments; Coby is a student at Case Western Reserve University. Hendrick Avercamp — , Dutch painter who specialized in painting the Netherlands in winter during the time that is now known as the Little Ice Age.

Many of Avercamp's paintings feature people ice skating on frozen lakes. Name suggested by W. Paulus Potter — was a Dutch Golden Age painter who painted mostly farm scenes and animals. His realistic paintings put the animals in the forefront so they contrasted against the background and give them a lively appearance. His most famous painting is The Young Bull c. Her poems are notable for her identification of her feelings with nature around her. Ascanios, the son of Aeneas. He is also named Julus and became under this name the ancestor of the Julius family. Martien de Vries born is a Dutch astronomer who was part of a small group who developed the first Dutch 1-m telescope on La Silla.

His main area of focus was the development and adjustment of the photometer, which he himself used for infrared star measurements. Daan Frenkel born is a leading Dutch scientist who has contributed to the development of Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulation methods that led to a greater understanding of the phase behavior of molecular systems.

He shed light on the state of carbon in stars and has launched the careers of many young researchers. Groningen is a city in north-east Netherlands. Michiel van der Klis born is a Dutch astronomer and expert on the properties of neutron stars and black holes. He discovered quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries. Heino Falcke born is a German radio astronomer working in Nijmegen Netherlands , known for his innovative use of radio telescopes and his work on the Galactic Centre black hole.

He received the Spinoza award in Ben Feringa born is a renowned Dutch chemist, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of molecular machines. He is a passionate lecturer and public advocate for science. Ger de Bruijn — was a renowned Dutch radio astronomer who worked at Dwingeloo and Groningen.

Peiraios, son of Klytios , was a friend of Telemachos. The brothers August Wilhelm — and Friedrich — Schlegel, both famous writers, philologists and teachers at the University of Jena. Sonya Sofiya and Senya Semen are charming and talented children of Mark Ziselevich Orlovskij, Kiev journalist, executive in the publishing trade and friend of the discoverer. Dan Kiselman born , a solar physicist, who was for many years the secretary of the Swedish Astronomical Society.

Anatolij Nikolaevich Rybalka born , an obstetrician and gynaecologist, professor at the Crimean Medical University. Anthony Chabot — , one of the pioneering hydraulic engineers of the late nineteenth century and a developer of municipal water facilities. Carrie C. Bogdanovich, American amateur astronomer who assisted in organizing the photographic glass plate archive of the 1. Kochi-Mirai-Kagakukan Kochi city future science museum is to be built in the heart of the city and will open in It will be equipped with a planetarium and is expected to play a role for astronomy education for children.

He worked in Halle and Berlin. He contributed to theology, ethics, science, hermeneutics and aesthetics. His main philosophical work is the Dialektik , but he is also known for his translations of Plato. Utrechtis a city in the Netherlands renowned for its university and the Sonnenborgh Observatory. In , the famous Flemish astronomer Marcel Minnaert introduced the discipline of solar spectroscopy there. In the city celebrates its th anniversary.

Camus won the Nobel prize for literature. He defended truth, moderation and justice, adhering to liberal humanism and rejecting the dogmatic aspects of both Christianity and marxism. Although writing exclusively in French, she took much inspiration from "Flanders Fields", glorifying the greatness of its painters and enjoying the pleasures of its common people.

Other important themes in his work are human progress, brotherhood of man and his love for his wife. Panamarenko Henri Van Herwegen, born is a famous Belgian artist, well known for the construction of bizarre flying machines, the main theme for his work, in remembrance of the myth of Icarus. It remains a mystery whether his creations can actually fly. Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev — is known worldwide as an airplane designer. More than types of airplanes were created under his guidance, including the first passenger jet aircraft Tu— Among the many notable accomplishments of his airplanes was the flight from Moscow over the North Pole to the US in It is a beautiful parkland dotted with pine trees and a great place for swimming and relaxation for Kochi city residents.

Henri Van Straten — is considered one of the greatest lithographers that Belgium ever produced. His work includes more than prints, using several materials and exposing different themes. The Dutch city of Berg op Zoom. The medieval city in the southern part of The Netherlands was a fortress held by the Geuzen during the Eighty Years' War. Unsuccessfully besieged by Farnese in and by Spinola in , this famous rebellion is archived in the beautiful hymn Merck toch hoe sterck. Breda , a city dating from in the southern part of The Netherlands, was captured in by the Spaniards during the Eighty Years' War.

In the town fell again into the hands of Maurice of Nassau, using a handful of men hidden under the turf of a peat-boat. Tukmit from Native American mythology. Alcimus , mythological son of Ares , who was, together with Automedon , in charge of Achilles ' horses during the Trojan War. Louis Godin — , French astronomer who proposed to send expeditions to the equator and the polar sea to measure in both places an arc of one degree in order to find out the true shape of the Earth; in he joined La Condamine and Bouguer on an expedition to Peru to do this very thing.

Delft , Netherlands. The city dating from is famous for its blue pottery, its typical Dutch canal system and its highly esteemed University of Technology. Guillaume Le Gentil — was a French astronomer who discovered several deep-sky objects. He traveled to India to observe the transits of Venus in and Francesco Petrarca — , an Italian poet famous for his Sonnets — , which were dedicated to his muse, Laura.

He was born in Arezzo and died in the Euganean Hills. Petrarca may be regarded as one of the greatest scholars of his age. His critical spirit made him the founder of Renaissance humanism. Henry Cavendish — was a British eccentric and a physicist. Paul Strand circa Hunter-Stiebel, Penelope. Ivins, William Mills, Jr. Jackson-Dumont, Sandra, ed. Charles James: Beyond Fashion. Koda, Harold, and Kohle Yohannan. The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion.

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