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They are likely to fall in love at a young age as they are attractive and positive persona. Regarding their family life, they will marry when they are completely ready and they will probably be cool parents if they choose to have a one big family. They are most compatible with those born on 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st. January 19 Zodiac people are very attached to the other two earth signs: Taurus and Virgo as they tend to share the same vision of life.

In life, Capricorn is in a constant search for a charming and sensible partner and the one to offer them this is the native in Cancer. The lover in Capricorn is thought to be least compatible with Sagittarius. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Capricorn, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Brown as a hue, is the symbol of stability and traditionalism. This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives. Those with brown as sign color are very patient when it comes to love and they usually end up with the right person for them.

The native in Capricorn prefers brown as he sure knows how to respect rules and stay inside the reliable safety zone. The birthstone considered to be representative for Capricorns with January 19 is the magnetic Garnet. This zodiac birthstone is advised to be used in pendants and earrings. It is thought to boost the confidence and self esteem of Capricorn. This stone can be found in Africa, Sri Lanka and India. Aquarius January Monthly Horoscope. Pisces January Monthly Horoscope. Aries Yearly Predictions. Taurus Yearly Predictions.

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Gemini Yearly Predictions. Cancer Yearly Predictions. Leo Yearly Predictions. Virgo Yearly Predictions. Libra Yearly Predictions. Scorpio Yearly Predictions. Slater, Cameron: Mentally-ill blogger with more depression problems from Pluto attacking his Mercury until Nov Pope Francis: Head of the catholic church subject to massive and difficult personal restructuring from Pluto-Mars and Uranus-Midheaven attacks.

Swift, Taylor: Icon of scattiness and neuroticism with many close relationship issues from Uranus-Venus attacks. Douglas, Clayton: Australian jumps jockey making great advancement under an awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine. Middleton, Kate: Massive restructuring in home and family matters with Pluto squashing her Sun until Nov Fittler Brad: Rugby league legend with many emotional problems from Pluto attacking his Moon. Tamaki, Brian: Destiny church leader subject to major personal restructuring next 2 years with Uranus anti his Jupiter and Venus, with Pluto crushing his Mercury.

Tame, Jack: Television face with major and difficult lifestyle change next 2 years from Jupiter-Neptune progressions. Foran, Kieran: Troubled rugby league star still under dark clouds with Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter and Uranus doing same to his Mars and Mercury. Wood, Susan: Heavily made-up, veteran television face getting very angry and frustrated under the serious Saturn trifecta.

Brown, Jaquie: Media person subject to major personal restructuring from Pluto attacks on her Sun and Jupiter until Dec Waldegrave, Darcy: Anti-Astrological sports boredcaster to experience massive and difficult life changes with Pluto dealing to Mars and Jupiter while Uranus chaoticizes his Sun.

Fenton-Ellis, Karen: Horse racing administrator-media oddball subject to major reversals with Uranus attacking her Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter before is over. McCaw, Richie: Erratic behaviour and career reversals from Mars-Uranus progression around April, before Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Mars complications bring major close relationship problems in Woods, Tiger: Chaos continues for the comeback golfer, with Uranus attacking his Mercury, and Saturn doing same to his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven point.

Carter, Dan: The rugby champion slows appreciably with Pluto attacking his Mars. Murdoch, Rupert: Dirty old man of the media has Uranus attacking Mars in his 8 th House of post-marital matters. Vatuvei, Manu: Rugby league icon slows down appreciably with Neptune weakening his Sun until Feb Murray, Andy: Tennis champ experiencing major, difficult career changes while Pluto attacks Jupiter until Nov Jolie, Angelina: Difficult lifestyle and career changes with Pluto anti Jupiter this year and next. Shastri, Ravi: Massive early year problems for the Indian cricket coach with a destructive Mars-Pluto progression around March.

Foran, Kieran: League star in for major off-year, courtesy of difficult solar progressions, and Uranus anti the Sun and Jupiter. Johnson, Shaun: Major off-year for the rugby league champ with Uranus and Saturn complications. Waterhouse, Gai: Major worries ease for champion trainer from Neptune harassment mid-Feb. Kardashian, Kim: Major career fail late in year from difficult Mars progression, before Uranus-Sun reversals in Williams, Serena: Retirement recommended for the tennis champ.

Hamilton, Lewis: Major off-year and transition period for motor racing champ with Pluto atop his Sun until Nov Kenny-Dowall, Shaun: Rugby league star with major restrictions on positive energy while Neptune harasses Mars until December. Todd, Sir Mark: Equestrian legend with yet another passionate craze from Uranus bombing his Venus in adventurous Aries and seductive Neptune doing same to his Sun.

November 26 Barker, Dean:. Boyle, Susan:. Clarke, Michael:. Aussie cricket champ over all his Uranus and Pluto problems last 2 years. Cooper, Quade:. Crowe, Russell:. The Aries Dragon gets restless and troublesome while erratic Uranus moves over his Sun. April and December crucial, before Pluto becomes the attacker in Fay, Sir Michael:. Kerr, Miranda:. Aussie supermodel born to have chaotic love life with a Venus in Gemini opposing Jupiter and Uranus. All 3 planets getting harassed by deceptive Neptune next 2 years will ensure even more drama.

King, Mike:. Molloy, Leo:. Horse racing's " poisoned dwarf " on a major downhill with Uranus-Mars and Pluto-Moon destruction. April, Oct, Feb crucial before big wipeout when Pluto crunches his Mars. Pearce, Mitchell:. Watson, Emma:. Actress getting all the breaks with Pluto trining Mercury until December. Also new love craze from Neptune atop Venus June, July, going right through until late Wright, Tony:.

Major upheavals. Aries mortals of April 3,4,5 birth subject to serious Pluto-Sun negativity. Uranus atop the Sun of April 6,7,8,9 will cause much chaos.


Brown, Chris:. Entertainer coming good after the Neptune-Mercury stress. Pluto-Sun trines advance him majorly, especially March,May and December. Clooney, George:. Major love life complications with Pluto anti his Venus until October. Elizabeth, Queen of England:. Major career changes around March, April with difficult Jupiter and midheaven progressions. Flynn, Gemma:.

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Jones, Stacey:. Ko, Lydia:. Little, Andrew:. Opposition leader doing it tough with erratic Uranus hovering over his Mercury. McIllroy, Rory:. Golfing champ with the awesome Pluto-Sun trine until December. Phillips, Zara:. Awesome advancement via the Pluto-Sun trine for May 4,5 and 6 borns. Elder-Holmes, Millie:. Major life improvement from the Pluto-Jupiter trine Ford, Rob:. The problems continue for Canada's ailing ex-mayor.

Neptune attacks his Mercury, with March, August and January crucial. Jolie, Angelina:. Emotional chaos to the max while Pluto attacks her Moon, and Uranus sits on Jupiter and the midheaven point. April, October and February crucial. Shailer, Paul. Matamata horse trainer making major advancement next 2 years with awesome Plutos. Williams, Craig:. Adams, Steven:. Budding basketball champ under the awesome Pluto-Mars trine next 2 years. Major advancement. Bingle, Lara:. Branson, Richard:. Bush, George W:.

Unbelievable and Cosby, Bill:. May, Sept and March notable. Dec has a very difficult progression. Dhoni, Mahendra S:. Horan, Brendan:. Hosking, Mike Prediction erased due to incorrect birth information. Knox, Amanda:. Leuluai, Thomas:. Milne, Jonathan:.

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Rookie Star-Times editor subject to major personal restructuring with difficult Mars and Pluto progressions around December. Phelps, Michael:. July, November crucial. Singh, Ranveer:. Indian actor in for some off years. Neptune assistance for those of June 29,30 and July 1 birth. Affleck, Ben:. Bosson, Opie:. Champion jockey on a major slowdown with Pluto anti his Mercury until December. Major upheaval around August. Chuang, Bevan:. Federer, Roger:. Gallen, Paul:. NSW rugby league captain subject to erratic behaviour with Uranus-Mars complications. April and October crucial. Hollande, Francois:.

French president with incredibly difficult Mars and Solar 2 progressions Feb, March. Then Uranus attacking Moon and Jupiter, who both get crunched by Pluto in Hurrell, Konrad:. Neptune problems of finish for the league champ in Feb, with an awesome Pluto-Mars trine and progression peaking October. Jagger, Mick:. Big ups in the love life with Pluto trining his Venus until November. McGregor, Louise:. Advancing horse trainer under awesome Uranus and Pluto trines. Pleasant surprise March 7. Obama, Barack:. The times when he'll be squirming, wriggling and telling lies.

Ridge, Jaime:. NZ's next top drama queen and Scorpion Moon possessor! June and Sept have major Saturn-Sun downers. Van Gaal, Louis:. Williams, Sonny Bill:.


More big ups for the sporting legend with Pluto trining the North Node. July and November special. Uranus-Sun advancement for August 9,10,11,12 births. Crowe, Martin:. Time out needed for the cricketing great with Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Mars upheavals. Johnson, Shaun:.

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Knowles, Beyonce:. Crazy Uranus disrupting the love life with attacks on Venus. June, August and March crucial. Modi, Narendra:. India's Prime Minister with plenty of stress. O'Sullivan, Lance:. May,June,Aug,Sept and March particularly disruptive. Warne, Shane:. Cricket's iconic spinner more confused than ever with Pluto hammering his Mercury. February, June, December crucial.

Waterhouse, Gai:. Major slowdown for the champion horse trainer with Neptune harassing the Sun. April, July, October and Feb crucial. Bellamy, Craig:. June and September particularly stressful. Rapper with his Venus getting enhanced by Pluto, indicating great happiness in foreign lands. January, June, November strong. Meyer, Heyneke:. Springbok coach over 's Pluto-Sun problem, with awesome Neptune-Mercury and Uranus-Mars trines enhancing him until early McCullum, Brendon:. Pluto-Jupiter attack will supervise even bigger changes. Netanyahu, Benjamin:.

O'Brien, Aidan:. Putin, Vladimir:. Serious Saturnine sadnesses mid Jan, early May, mid Oct. Walsh, David:. Veteran jockey slows notably with Uranus attacking Mars. April, October and February notable. Williams, Serena:. Major reversals with Uranus whacking Jupiter and midheaven April, Sept and Jan before Pluto attacks them both in to supervise major personal reconstruction. Zeta-Jones, Catherine:. January, August and October key months. Abbott, Tony:. Worse in when Pluto takes over. Charles, Prince:.

Future king subject to major career restructuring with Pluto anti the midheaven point until October. Also major changes via progression around April and June. Cropp, Lisa:. Major dramas around October Khan, Shahrukh:. Amazing year for the Indian movie legend with Neptune-Sun and Pluto-Ascendant trines supervising great advancement until late Kohli, Virat:. Perry, Katy:. Uranus' chaotic attacks on Mars end February before Pluto takes over for major restructuring of energies until December.

Positive Neptune assistance for October 30,31 and Nov 1 borns. Banks, John:. Ellis, David:. Prolific racehorse purchaser needing to watch his health with serious Saturn-Venus blocks around Feb, April and Oct. Uranus anti Mars supervises a major personal explosion in Kirwan, Sir John:. Pope Francis:. Under severe mental strain with erratic Uranus anti his Mars in the 3rd house of communications. Early June, Sept and March crucial. Richards, Keith:. Bennett, Wayne:. Coaching legend not cracking it with a difficult Sun-Saturn progression until September. Cruden, Aaron:. April,October and February crucial.

Jong-Un, Kim:. North Korean leader subject to erratic behaviour while Uranus attacks his Sun. April, Nov and Feb crucial, with Pluto-Sun restructuring McCaw, Richie:. McFadden, Andrew:. Parker, Joseph:. Stuart, Ricky:. NRL coach subject to incredible, difficult personal reconstruction next 3 years with Uranus and Pluto both attacking his Mars and Sun.

Woods, Tiger:. Golfing legend on the big downer with crazy Uranus over Jupiter in March then Pluto causing the problems from April until January Serious Saturn-Venus blocks July, August also. Hinch, Derryn:. Major upheavals for the Brazilian football ace while Pluto sits on his Venus. Uranus attacking Mars changes the routine dramatically. July, August and April crucial. Bieber, Justin:. Carter, Dan:. May, mid-October and February crucial. Collins, Judith:. Devlin, Martin:.

January, May, September crucial. Donaldson, Michael:. Feb, April, October crucial. Marshall, Benji:. League star in for many disruptions with erratic Uranus over his Venus and Mars. Pluto continues the attacks in Thorne, Graham:. Waller, Chris:. Neptune-Sun weakening or enlightenment for February 26,27 and 28 births. Johnson, Chris: Veteran jockey turns 50 in April slowing down while Uranus hovers around Mars before a Pluto attack supervises retirement in Elizabeth, Queen of England: Challenging Jupiter-midheaven progression supervises major, late-year career changes.

Norman, Russell: Greens leader enduring chaos and uneven energy flow from Uranus anti Mars, which gets another horrific whack from Pluto in Lohan, Lindsay: Life improves after Uranus-Sun turmoil of Februray but and have more major psychological problems from a Pluto-Mercury progression. Ridge, Jaime: NZ's next top drama queen facing massive lifestyle changes next 2 years with Pluto and Uranus restructuring Jupiter.

Connery, Sean: One of the worst ever years for " James Bond. Ellis, Marc: Many reversals in matters of business and residence while Uranus attacks the Sun and Mercury. Elliott, Matthew: Awesome Uranus-Sun positive with late September highlights before the Pluto-Mars trine brings great achievement in Dobbyn, Dave: Musical legend in for major directional changes with Uranus and Pluto aspecting Mars Newton,Matthew: Troubled actor with major energy maintenance issues while Uranus attacks Mars. Dotcom, Kim: The great internet reformer gets stronger and more powerful as the Pluto-Mars juggernaut continues.

McClennan, Bluey: Eccentric rugby league coach needing plenty of rest during Pluto and Uranus attacks on the Moon until late Don Murray Astrologist weighs in on Kiwi sport in Read more click on link below:. Infamous rugby ref facing major, difficult changes with Pluto and Uranus anti his Mars. Two more torrid years with Uranus and Pluto attacking Jupiter until late Will anything go right? Aussie rugby's clown prince gets a new lease on life with awesome Sun-Neptune progressions around May. Major downtime around July with a difficult progression to vulnerable Mars. Melbourne jumps jockey with Pluto enhancement next 2 years.

Autumn very memorable. Songbird facing some massive personal amendments as the Uranus-Pluto combination attack both Jupiter and the North Node. Even tougher those March April 1, with Pluto attacking the Sun as well. Negative, progressed Jupiter-Midheaven transit late supervises major career amendments. Rugby league legend receiving awesome positivity from Pluto-Jupiter and Uranus-Moon trines.

Going places, with awesome,too. An especially difficult progression September, October. Very destructive Pluto and Uranus anti Venus-Mars action next 2 years. Another Royal with partnership problems, while Neptune mucks Venus around until December February, September and December crucial. Cricketing legend in for massive career changes while Uranus and Pluto assault Mercury until Feb Taurus persons born April May 1 will be enhanced by the Pluto-Sun trine.

Getting bored and lazy while Neptune attacks Mars from April to January , before major personal explosions next 2 years. Moon and Jupiter getting hammered by both Pluto and Uranus in Major emotional negative around June from a difficult Sun-Moon progression. Personal chaos while Pluto and Uranus attack the Ascendant.

Due for some horrific spin outs while Uranus and Pluto molest Mars. Wide berth needed. Australian TV face has two years of serious disappointments and reversals with Neptune-Mercury harassments and the destructive Pluto-Uranus combination attacking Mars. Mental instability late in year with Uranus-Mercury chaos. Gemini persons born May will have indecision and confusion from Neptune-Sun negativity. Toughest year for ages with Uranus and Pluto attacking the Sun, before drastic changes around March Many reversals and setbacks while Pluto and Uranus harass his natal Sun until late In for an awesome Pluto-Jupiter trine with July and October very prosperous months.

Major horrifics for the German premier with Mercury getting hammered by Pluto and Uranus. Incredibly difficult emotional phase until late with Pluto and Uranus both negative to Venus and the Moon. Close relationships and family matters highlighted. Big highs from Sept to Feb Former boxing champ ends some Uranus-Sun reversalism in late March but shall have the torridness of Pluto and Uranus assaulting his Jupiter.

Massive career changes with foreign lands involved. Many frustrations and setbacks with Pluto and Uranus whacking Mars in the 9th house of foreign lands and travel. October and November crucial, with March and mid having even greater upheavals. Controversial Melbourne jockey meeting serious roadblocks with Uranus and Pluto restructuring his Mars. Neptune assistance and good luck for those born June Horse trainer under awesome Pluto and Uranus trines next 2 years. Nice buzz on Feb Melbourne underworld icon in for two bulletproof years. Still far from full throttle while Neptune hampers Mars energy until Dec Thereafter significant changes.

Feb, Sept and Dec crucial. Another great year for the sporting legend with Uranus advancement for the Sun and Jupiter. Those with August birthdays will have exciting assistance from Uranus. More personal disruptions than ever with Uranus and Pluto whacking the Ascendant. Nebulous Neptune anti Mercury creates mental turmoil as well. There is a fine line for you between caring and possessiveness.

Your strong character is apt to propel you into a leadership position in your career. If so, you are what might be considered a benevolent leader, as you are very big-hearted. Kennedy, Joe Walsh, Edwin Hubble. Although you can light up a room with your sunny personality, you are also determined, deep, and ambitious. You will often deliberate on a problem for some time, and then ignore your analyses and jump into a decision impulsively.

Your desires are deep, and you want to experience life on all levels. No one can rightfully label you superficial! You are playful, passionate, dynamic, and inspired. You carve your own unique path in life, playing by the rules when necessary, but refusing to give up your individuality in the process. Straightforwardness is important to you, but you are not an open book either. Your opinions are as strong as your will and determination.

If You Were Born Today, November You are interested in knowing the truth, and you spend much of your life, especially your later years, searching for it. A humanitarian, you have an unmistakably idealistic nature. Freedom of thought and of movement! Your multiple interests stimulate you to branch out into many directions.

You need to be careful not to scatter your energies. Impulsiveness is both a liability and strength, as courage is behind it, but when you set your sights on new horizons, you might be leaving behind something worthwhile! Your imagination is powerful, and you can use this strength creatively in your career, but you may tend to make mountains out of molehills on a personal level. You are an entertaining conversationalist and your mind is active, alert, and interested. Although stubborn at times, you are warm with your loved ones and you are generous with your time. Detaching yourself from situations when you become too emotionally involved can be an important strategy.

If You Were Born Today, November You are exceedingly charming—and some of that charm is quite kooky and endearing. You are a magnanimous person with a big heart. People trust you. Your jovial disposition makes you a pleasure to be around. Broad-minded, you seek truths without fussing over the details. There is a spiritual side to you that is not immediately apparent. Kennedy Jr. You are a seeker, yet your feet are on the ground. You want to create your own destiny, and and bumps and bruises along the way simply contribute to your growth, and you know it. Your emotions are up and down, although others may not always see this until they know you well.

If You Were Born Today, November Although you march to the beat of a different drummer, you are also a very sensitive and emotional person. Highly original, your creativity and ability to think outside the box earns you respect from others. However, your emotions sometimes get the best of you. Impulsiveness and a tendency to borrow from your future can get you into trouble as well.

You are friendly and warm, but you can also be quite difficult to read, as your nature is rather contradictory. On the one hand, you are sensitive and have your eye on security. On the other, you have an undeniable adventurous and independent streak. Your smile is infectious. You love to have fun, yet you have a deeper side to you. Moodiness is something you struggle with from time to time. You are not the most consistent person around, as you tend to feel your way through life, and your emotions are up and down.

You are very perceptive, at times complex, and generally quite contradictory! You are a compassionate person. Others may find it hard to assign you traits, simply because you can be brave and adventurous one day, and withdrawn the next. You love to make people laugh, and come across as fun and charming, if a little sarcastic. You have a strong sense of responsibility and worry about the future more than is typical of a Sagittarius personality. However, your sense of fun always comes shining through.

You like to stay informed and on top of things. Learning about anything and everything is a life-long hobby. Famous people born today: C. Others gravitate to you naturally because you are very easy to like. Your charm is multi-layered. One of its main ingredients is your versatility. You love people and can easily imitate others, and your many faces appeal to many! As multi-talented and multi-faceted as you are, you are also very shrewd and determined. While you may seem to have a finger in many pies, you are not scattered in focus.

Bored easily, you need movement and activity in your life in order to keep stimulated.