Tara meaning in astrology

The remainder is considered as the number of Tara for both boy and girl.

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Moving on, if Tara of boy is 3rd, 5th or 7th with respect to birth nakshatra of girl, it is considered as a malefic or inauspicious Tara and similarly, if Tara of girl is 3rd, 5th or 7th with respect to Janma nakshatra of boy, it is considered as a malefic or inauspicious Tara. This way, the Tara relation for both boy and girl is calculated and then they are compared with each other for the purpose of assigning Gunas to the combination.

If Tara for both boy and girl is auspicious, 3 out of 3 Gunas are assigned for Tara match and as the auspiciousness of Taras decreases; the score or Guna assigned for Tara matching also reduces in number.


Whenever there is a match of Shubh or auspicious and Ashubh or inauspicious Taras, Tara Dosh is said to be formed in such match making. Accordingly, Tara Dosh is said to be formed in such match making. If a combination of , or is present in Tara match, 3 out of 3 points or Gunas are assigned for Tara match in such a case of horoscope matching.

Vedic astrology associates Tara with destiny and other important aspects of the native; and it is believed that the presence of Tara Dosh in horoscope matching can create serious problems for the couple under consideration for match making. These problems can start from delays and disturbances in many spheres of their lives and they can go up to divorce or death of one of the partners, as per the scriptures of Vedic astrology.

This is why Tara Dosh is also considered as a strong dosh in Vedic astrology. It can be seen from the above mentioned data that there are only 9 combinations for Tara match based on the birth nakshatra of boy and girl; and Taras assigned to these combinations of nakshatras are , , , , , , , and Moving ahead, 6 out of these 9 combinations form Tara Dosh in match making according to the rules of Gun Milan, because 6 out of these 9 combinations include a number 3, 5 or 7 which are considered as Ashubh or inauspicious numbers in this combination.

జాతక పరిశీలనలో తారాబలానికి ఉన్నవిశిష్టత ఏమిటి ..? -- Special Discussion On " Tarabalam"

Taking everything into consideration, it can be easily said that a high percentage of marriages across the world should face serious problems and many of them should end up in divorces or deaths of partners, as indicated by this system of Gun Milan. The twelve lunar months starting from Chaitra along with the names of the solar months are given below.

In Vedic astrology, the basic tenets of astrology were integrated with celestial events with vara or weekday and thus was born the Muhurtha astrology or electional astrology. Thithi or Lunar day is an important concept in Hindu astrology. It means lunation.


There are thirty thithis in a Lunar month distributed in the degrees of the Zodiac and each thithi is completed when the longitude of the Moon gains exactly twelve degrees or its multiple on that of the Sun. By name there are only 15 thithis repeating in the two halves of the month — Shukla 1 to Shukla 15 known as Poornima or Full Moon and Krishna 1 to 15 known as Amavasya or New Moon.

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In astrological parlance Thithi has great significance in the fact that each Thithi from 1 to 14 in both Pakshas has what are called daghda rasis or burnt rasis — two rasis for each thithi except Chaturdasiwhich has four daghda rasis. But new moon and full moon have no dagdha rasis.

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The thithis are divided into five groups as under. A unique Vedic system is followed in Muhurtha astrology, Horary astrology and predictive astrology, which envisages grouping of Nakshtaras stars into nine sub-groups. These are found to be extremely useful in Vedic astrology which is widely practiced in India. In addition, individual weekdays, Tithis, constellations, Yoga and Karanas have been prescribed for specific activities which fructify during their currency. After Bali's death, she was taken as wife by his brother, Sugriva, who helped Rama q.

This stellium makes Taurus energies - and problems - strong , influencing House of Relationships and Finances. Delhi: Motilal Banarsisdass, Carroll, P.

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