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This partial lunar eclipse will be visible from much of the world. It is best to focus on spiritual practices on the days and times of the eclipses, and avoid making any important decisions under stress, duress or confusion. Self-inquiry and insight can lead to some real transformation, however, if you apply yourself to your practices throughout the eclipse season.

We are also approaching the solstice on Friday, June 21st. This will be the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day in the South. The Sun is at its most northern course and dominates the days during this time, burning and purifying a lot in its path and offering abundant energy for outward action and leadership. In the south, this may be the most inward time of year, as the darkest day comes with the fewest hours of sunlight. Eclipses are powerful times to receive a Vedic astrology reading, looking closely at yourself and your karma and being willing to work with the planetary energies.

You can request an Initial Reading if this is your first reading with me which will include looking at your life karma and the eclipses , or an Eclipse Reading if we have worked together before. As the Moon waxes into Venus-ruled Libra, opposite this Sun, we are reminded that our individual happiness is nothing if we cannot harmonize with others, specifically those who are most important to us.

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A Libra full Moon helps teach us to compromise and value the other, while maintaining our center and not allowing our sense of strength to depend on those outside of ourselves. It is ruled by Vishvakarma, the divine architect, who created the heavens in all their sparkling perfection. This nakshatra is symbolized by a shining jewel, and its animal symbol is the female Tiger, the mount of Durga.

There can be great creative potential under this Full Moon, as well as a heightened sexual passion. With Venus in Pisces, we have the potential to let our desires come into alignment with the highest good, as Pisces is a place of surrender, ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is also the place of the dream world, fantasy, and escapism, so as the planet of pleasure transits here, there is also the potential to get caught-up in these things. With healthy planetary connections, however, we can utilize this energy to tap into some potent dream-seeds, bringing them into reality as we work with the celestial architect.

Mercury is also transiting Pisces right now, which for him is the place of debilitation. That means that strong Venus will give some strength to the normally weak Mercury-in-Pisces. Be aware, however, that the nature of Mercury in Pisces is still there. Thus has begun one of the most major transits to look out for during The conjunction of these three planets is a rare occurrence on its own. Now, granted, Jupiter has only recently transited into Sagittarius, then turned retrograde on April 10th, and will retreat back into Scorpio in a few days, on April 22nd. Saturn is slowing towards a stop, however, before beginning his retrograde journey on April 29th.

A few days before this happens, Saturn and Ketu will come within one degree of each other, on April 25th.

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This is going to cause a lot of tension, particularly in the area of your life indicated by Sagittarius in your natal chart. Saturn compels us to slow down, persevere, commit to our goals, and do the hard grinding work that is necessary to reach them. Ketu can also make us slow down, but he often inspires us to retreat from the mundane aspects of life, often renouncing whatever area of life he touches, by natal position or by transit.

He brings confusion, and often forces us to let go of things previously held dear. As these two transit across the sky together, there will be an internal dance between committing to the struggle and wanting to let go completely. To no surprise, sadhana is going to be one of your most helpful tools for elevating the potential of how both of these planets are affecting your life. This weekend brings a potent festival for upping your devotional practice and attitude, with Hanuman Jayanti on the purnima Full Moon phase this month.

Hanuman is the greatest embodiment of devotion, and shows us the incredible strength we possess that emerges from within when we practice great faith, humility, and service. In addition to traditional pujas prayer ceremony , you can chant, sing, meditate, and especially, find some way to be of service, in order to honor Hanuman on this full Moon. Marked by the first full Moon after the spring Equinox, this full moon marks the weekend for Easter and Passover as well, which are also determined by the lunar calendar.

They will join in sidereal Pisces in the nakshatra called Revati, the last of the 27 star signs of Jyotish. This New Moon brings with it the springtime nine-night celebration of the goddess, known as Chaitra Navaratri. Though often less celebrated than the fall-time equivalent, this holiday is an important counterpart as we recognize the blooming of the life cycle, made possible by the sacred divine feminine. Pisces is the last of the twelve major signs, and thus relates very much with letting go, especially on the materially plane, and surrendering to spirit or a higher power.

As a water sign, we are also more intuitively driven this month. Your dreams and visions can reveal a lot during this cycle, and inward reflection and meditation can be potent on this Dark Moon April 4th-5th. In addition to being in the final rasi , this New Moon is also in the final nakshatra , the Vedic signs that the Moon visits for one moon phase each, each month. It is ruled by the deity Pushan, the celestial shepherd who provides nourishment and protection, both to herds of animals and also to people on safe journeys.

This star often brings a love of animals and people with a natal Moon here often work with animals or have strong relationships with pets.

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The actual animal symbol is the female elephant, another auspicious symbol in India. After the Dark Moon night, the first nine nights of this cycle will be the springtime Navaratri celebration, in the Hindu month of Chaitra. The nine nights are a time to get in touch with the Goddess energy, apparent and emergent as we enter the spring season in the northern hemisphere. There are so many forms to the goddess, and she truly offers us an immense well of abundance through all facets of life. This is a good time to get clear on what you are calling in, and trying to manifest with the grace of the goddess by your side.

The nodes on all counts are officially transiting Gemini and Sagittarius now, with Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius. This new nodal cycle will last until September of Whichever houses these are in your chart will be effected, especially around the times of the eclipses, this July, December-January, and next June-July.

Not only is Ketu in Sagittarius, but he is approaching a close conjunction with Saturn. This could pile up a lot of stressful energy in the area of your life indicated by Sagittarius, unfortunately for most of this year. How will this affect us? Saturn puts on the pressure, makes us do the hard work to meet our goals, have patience, and endure. On the other hand, Ketu often compels us to throw our hands up and renounce the task at hand, feeling so critical of it that we often want to let it go completely.

We can dive into an exploration of this transit over your personal chart in an Eclipse Reading. Jupiter is also joining Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius now, hovering in the early gandanta degree as he slows to a stop and begins retrograde motion on April 10th. This will send him back into Scorpio on the 22nd. His presence in his own sign of Sagittarius could normally be uplifting to the situation there, but in his current condition he may not be as helpful as usual.

The gandanta energy could make him weaker, while the retrograde condition is actually a strength he will be quite bright in the sky in the coming months. This Sunday night brings a full Moon lunar eclipse in Cancer. This eclipse will be visible from all of north and south America, and at least partially visible from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The partial eclipse begins at pm and ends at , west coast time. That eclipse was a transitional one, occurring just as the nodes were moving from the Leo-Aquarius axis onto the Cancer-Capricorn one. With Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, we have collectively been exploring the dichotomy between emotionality and practicality. Cancer is the sign of the heart, the mother, the divine feminine, and the flow of emotional and literal waters.

Capricorn, on the other side, is a sign of practicality, where we stand grounded in earthly responsibility. Throughout this transit we have been called to examine how to balance these two poles, considering when to let the heart run free and follow the flow of our feelings, and when to stay committed to difficult work that may sometimes feel overly structured. In some areas of life we have seen where we needed more commitment, more structure, and to develop a certain amount of detachment from the emotions, which may have felt exaggerated, intense, or irrational at times during this transit especially near other eclipses.

In other areas, or for other folks, we have observed a need to open the heart more, and let loose on the reins of practicality while allowing the senses guide us more.

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Overall, it is about learning to blend and harmonize these two seemingly opposites, weaving the right amount of humanity with the work that it takes to be human. The particular effect of this transit and of these eclipses is and has been felt specifically in the areas of life indicated by the houses in your individual chart that fall across Cancer and Capricorn. Last chance to grab your Free Rahu-Ketu in Cancer-Capricorn Forecast , downloadable bonus for joining my free email list!

Whether it was work vs. Though eclipses can be revelatory with proper discipline, practice, and self-inquiry, on a mundane level they often throw us off-balance and disrupt the area of life being affected Cancer and its associated house in your chart this weekend. When the Moon is full the emotions are strong, the mind is active, and the heart is alive, but during the lunar eclipse the shadow energy of Rahu will obscure some of our mental and emotional focus. We can feel confused about the emotions that are arising, or may even lose focus or find it difficult to access the heart.

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If unusual sensations do arise, take mental note or even write them down, and be sure to reflect further on what was revealed after the eclipse has passed. In Indian tradition, it is advised to stay indoors and not eat or drink during an eclipse, so as not to absorb negative energy from the atmosphere. With the eclipse here, beware of a sensation of mal-nourishment or loss of vitality, especially if you have your Moon or another planet here.

The deity Brihaspati a form of Jupiter rules here, as well as the planet Saturn, so consider making offerings to them on this eclipse. Just hours after the eclipse, Venus will come within one degree of Jupiter, causing a planetary war graha yuddha that will last until the 23rd of January. The two planets will be visible in close conjunction in sidereal Scorpio in the early morning, so close that they are understood to be competing for our energy and attention.

The things ruled by both planets can suffer during this time — relationships, pleasures, and happiness for Venus, and our idealism and optimism for Jupiter. In particular, both planets rule two areas of your individual chart, so all four areas may also experience difficulty or seem to conflict with each other during the war. Eclipses can only happen during either solar-lunar conjunction the New Moon or solar-lunar opposition the Full Moon when the connection between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth is interrupted. Most eclipses are quite harmless but some rare ones are powerful enough to introduce breaking points of a certain kind, depending on configuration of other significant planets.

Just like in the symbolism of resting dragon: a powerful sleeping force that unleashes volleys of fire when awaken. Planets or points that are conjunct with the south node often mean the past — past patterns or past incarnations during which the person may have been:. Action or inaction, good or bad, truth or falsehood… all equally create karmic imprints that can work either for or against the person. Any planet conjunct to the South Node signifies intense interaction of the individual with forces and principles of the planet that happened during past lives. The interaction may have been blissful, productive or traumatic.

For example, having Neptune on the South Node may mean that in the past the person have been:. Either way, each planet can unfold its influence in either enabling or disabling manner. It is worth mentioning that the South Node also stands for occult powers and forces of the Underworld. The three factors that influence that:. In each of those cases carefully analyse what could the past mean. As with pretty much everything in astrology, the meaning can vary and will depend on many other factors. A good approach is to choose a certain direction for further exploration, for example, exploring your relationship with power, the notion of me versus them, the degree of idealism versus practicality, etc.

The head as the seat of consciousness is responsible for making choices.

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A trine—sextile configuration stands for benevolent help from the planet involved. Both aspects are harmonious and go well with the North Node symbolism and its nature of Jupiter. To briefly summarise the meaning of the nodes of the Moon in the context of fate and destiny :. The image of the dragon, especially as it is perceived in Asian cultures, brings the sense of vitality, magic and force that rules over each individual incarnation on this planet.

It could be a wiser approach to embrace the dragon instead of trying to slay it. Very helpful! Am I understanding this correctly? Yes, you are right. The nodes are the intersection of the lunar orbital plane with the Sun-Earth orbital plane. This Wikipedia image provides a much better visual explanation:.

I dont think lunars nodes work in real life. Lunars node comes from vedic astrology, and the adaptation to western system was senseless. The fact is that in western system you have to be the opposite of what you are to get rid of karma, but this is impossible, maybe the hardest thing someone can do. On vedic the person is already rahu oriented,dont need to change any thing. For some years i tried to put the aries north node in practice that is in conjunction with my aries rising , never worked, everytime i acted to be more independent and selfish, i suffered more and more bad consequences, the world dont tolerate this kind of atitude, people who run society want conformism and herd mentality.

It was even bad to my mental health to follow this thing of lunars node. But in vedic system makes sense to me to have rahu in pisces in conjunct with the pisces rising of vedic system. Sorry the poor english, but, i hope you understand. Lunars node are senseless, people should not think about it. I am a male, just like to use nickname of blackmoon.

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And that is completely normal and expected. What is needed is a transpersonal standpoint that allows to accept nuances and irregularities, an approach that avoids conflicts of views and broadens the perception of this world. This world and the creation are truly endless! Just found this brilliant site, so interesting and understandable thank you!

After reading this post am wondering what the effect might be if your natal south node is in the same sign as your sun sign, or are you just doomed?! Check if the Sun and the Node are in conjunction, only then there is a tangible accumulation of energies. And even then as everything in astrology, it can play itself out in a number of ways some easy, some challenging depending on multitude of other factors. On the other hand their Sun may have manifested itself in a dictatorial and arrogant manner.

Venus square to the lunar nodes can be understood as an invitation for the native to use venusian values of creativity and perhaps even artistic pursuit in their life. The native will only benefit by avoiding competitive agenda of excessively materialistic world. Mars both trine and sextile to the lunar nodes suggests that the dynamic quality of the trine will greatly benefit from Mars ability to take action and never shy away from challenges.

This life is not the one for relaxation, it is the time for positive endeavours with meaningful direction.