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Give time to your mind, body and heart. Lucky number 3, Lucky colour Golden. Lucky day Thursday. You need to balance your health with some spirituality and yoga. You may travel overseas for a new work of project. In relationship, situations will improve for the betterment. If you are single, its a good time to meet the right one. Your soul mate may meet you in these get togethers.

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Lucky number 11, Lucky colour white and off white shades. Lucky day Friday. Your health may give you challenges this week as you will feel low energy and lethargy in your body. You need to listen to your body now leaving other priorities behind. This time you may face competition. Your existing relationship will also become stronger and happier.

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Lucky number 6, Lucky colour Mauve. Lucky day Tuesday. Positive thinking is the key to your good health. Listen to your body and do not take the signs lightly. Health will remain good if you keep creating the physical, mental and emotional balance. You will get good results of all your efforts during this time. Lucky number 18, Lucky colour Red. This is the time to get realistic when it comes to your health goals. If you have given some entrance exam, the result may not be very favourable. Lucky number 4, 8.

Lucky colour brown. Lucky day Saturday. You will feel more energetic and young this week. Worrying can never be a solution for anything, same is true for your job as well. Situations are improving slowly.

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Spending time and partying out is what you will find yourself indulged in. Lucky number 23, Lucky colour Orange. Lucky day Wednesday. You need to be careful about your health. Travel is on the cards for you. You may travel for work or for leisure. It will be better to share your work with others for success.

If you have been facing problems, this is the time to solve it. Lucky number 22, Lucky colour purple.

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Your hard work towards your health is going to give you results now. Good times are ahead. If you are sure about it, this is the time to go ahead. This is a break or keep situation. Lucky number 5, Virgo Horoscope - Love, career, education. Gambling horoscope July Whats The Luckiest Zodiac Sign.

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