Tarot november 4 2019

Spiritual growth will be of primary interest to you now, so spend time considering what you are going to do with the rest of your life. Search your soul, define your priorities and plan your future.

You're going to...

Study and read and think. You are observant and insightful now. Put romance, career, and financial matters on the back burner this month -- there will be plenty of time for that later. If you direct all your effort toward honest self-confrontation, your future progress will be insured. This is an excellent time for business ventures, financial affairs, and all things related to the material world. You receive recognition for past effort in the form of financial rewards, respect and possibly a promotion.

Implement any changes you have been considering in your business affairs. As always, when the 8 shows up in the chart, a certain amount of balance takes place, so punishment and reward are both possible.

November 4, Calendar with Holidays & Count Down - USA

If you have put out sincere effort, the reward will be there. However, for some people, this month may bring bad news. This is a good time to straighten out financial dealings you may have with friends or relatives as well. This is not a good time to go into debt, but it is actually a good time for love. Strong feelings and passionate exchanges on the emotional and physical level make this an exciting month. Your heightened awareness and the long inner-growth process you've been working on this year now reach a kind of completion, in the form of realizations and insights that improve your self-confidence and faith in the future.

At the same time, this is a period marked by emotional ups and downs as you are releasing old concepts, responsibilities, and relationships that you've outgrown. You are doing some inner house cleaning, reflected in work as well as your personal life. Your career may seem somewhat stagnant now. You're looking for new opportunities and challenges, but not much will be forthcoming until late this month or early next month.

You should take it slowly, perhaps even take some time off for rest.

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There will be an opportunity for you to become involved with a good cause, which will prove both personally and professionally rewarding. In the long run, it may even help you financially. As for money matters, this is not a good time to take chances or spend money on major purchases.

Some of your relationships with friends and relatives are being put to the test now.

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You have grown and changed over the past year and may be a little out of touch with some of the people with whom you were close. In addition, you have become more discriminating about whom you wish to spend time with. Sometimes, the 9 Personal Month brings a personal loss. You may have to let go of an old relationship or even someone you regard as a teacher.

Romance is also in a make-or-break period. If the relationship has real substance, there will be some emotional turmoil but the bond will only become stronger. If the relationship isn't strong, this will become very clear and cause a permanent break.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: November 4 – 10

It brings confidence, independence and individuality. Now, you are driven to take up new challenges, tackle new projects and get a firm grip on your life. You have energy to spare and you use this to inspire and motivate others. You feel that there is nothing you can't deal with. You are ambitious and results-oriented.

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You receive an opportunity that will have long-ranging effects on your life. You are confident, but also a bit stubborn and hardheaded. You are direct and not as sensitive to other people's feelings as usual now. This month is a good time for business and finances. It is a time to be decisive and adventurous, not a time to be conservative.

Courage and originality are key ingredients needed to take full advantage of this cycle. You are more stable and outgoing in your personal life, much to the delight of friends and relatives. You are also generous and inspiring, but not in the mood to deal with the petty stuff. You are a little impatient now. Romance may prove to be the most challenging aspect of this period. The chances of meeting someone are good, but your approach may be too aggressive and lacking in sensitivity.

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You may find yourself wondering what happened to last month's energy. You feel a little burned out and you are not sure about the direction your life has been taking in the past several months. You may question whether you are trying to change too much of your life. You are moodier than usual and don't seem to be able to get things started.

You are extremely sensitive and take the opinions of others more serious than usual. This is a time to take things slowly, to spend time in self-reflection and contemplation, to find strength and stability in yourself instead of in the circumstances around you. Join Our Mailing List!

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