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Squares or oppositions in cardinal signs, on the other hand, are carried over from our last lifetime. If handled appropriately through constructive action they won't manifest in the next life in fixed signs. If you have a fixed cross , I recommend that you first become conscious of these problematic and willful parts of your identity that you believe you must hold on to and cannot lose—and see how they are self-willed; that is, become aware of how it is that you, originally very innocently, are now their engine.

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Then consider the possibility of surrendering them up to the way things are. You cannot do this, nor is it even advisable. Rather it means allowing life outside of you to interact and mix with these willful aspects, making them available to growth and change. Surrender may be a bitter pill for you to swallow, but letting go of some of your stubbornness here is necessary for your integration, growth and health.

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ASTROLOGY Lesson 9 -- Planetary Aspects

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Grand cross (astrology)

Tripod or Splay. While Squares are stressful Astrological aspex, like the stress of violin bow or fingers across a blackboard, while trines are an easy flow. Of course, a planet squares another when it is at right angles and one quarter of a circle away, while a trine is the waltzing circular rhythm of the three, and there are three in a circle, usually in the same element, in this case,.

Water is the flow of emotions, impressions, feeling, intuition, and sharing from the heart.

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  • The mathematical relationship of one planet to another is often more pertinent than the sign, house, or direxions of movement. We are now moving into a compound series of positive flow thru several Grand Trines in Water, as slow moving Saturn and Neptune, both of who are about to change direxions i. The Grand Trine is formed in the transits of the planets when a third planet goes into Cancer and completes the triangle, strengthening all of its points especially if you believe in midpoints! This is not one event but many, as , in order, the following planets enter Cancer- Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, and the Moon at times.

    Notice that this is every planet that is not Uranus Square Pluto! Also note that immediately after each planet is in the Grand Trine, it then moves on into a T Square or three pointed square with the Uranus Square Pluto just mentioned.

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    More on that next month. Those born with strong influences in the first decan of Water Signs i. Saturn has to do with practical matters and earth plane issues, such as commitment over time, job or career, livelihood, and definition of time and space including legal issues and all forms of physical structure.

    Neptune has to do with the extremely almost opposite sphere of dreaming and creative visualization, belief, soul knowing, the non-linear and intuitive, the psychic and emotions of the soul. Together, these two planets can flow with strong dreams and determined efforts that can make great change at this time, and in the recent previous occasions that they were also recently in Trine to each other see previous columns.

    They only get together every 20 years or so, so this is of great potential benefit. Mostly if you can axess the Water Element harmoniously, tho. Also, the dark side of this is a determination to embrace an illusion, which is why the Square of Uranus and Pluto is also an essential ingredient, like oil and vinegar. So, shake it up! Some of us fishy types thrive in watery environments, where mentally focused air and action oriented Fire Signs get bogged down in the fog and steam of the compassion of the heart and emotional roller coaster that we call life and from which we learn the most.

    We learn not thru our accomplishments and doings, or thru ideas and a clever mind, or thru action but thru the compassion and introspexion of integrating our feelings.

    Ask Kevin: Transits and Progressions

    That is what Soul Growth is. Jupiter is the slowest moving of these planets so it has the longest contact and effect. See dates. This happy planet is exalted here and can provide opportunities and beneficial results of the dreaming and doing combination of Neptune and Saturn, and all of these merge home and family, emotional connexion, healing and feeling in a way that could be very spiritually uplifting and nurturing as well.

    Positive insight thru emotional flow and expression meets the results of dreaming our doing, becomes fully connected at the following times thru the following contacts of these planets in Cancer-. There is also a complicated scenario that affex each person individually, and then each of these connexions then go on to briefly embrace the T Square effect with the moving and shaking of Uranus Square Pluto. So, these are the basic ingredients in the cake of summer sweetness and other manifestations, but of course, there is a lot more and this is the simple version. In joy the ride! Mark S.